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copy of Halcyon Primo vams FUE

Waterproof Nord X 300g Vams Large - DEMO

kr 2,695.00
Inklusive MVA

OBS! Kun en stk tilgjengelig. 

Vams fra Waterproof som ble tatt inn til prøving og er kun brukt 2-3 ganger. 



It might very well be wrong to call Nord a successor to our huge success, the WarmTec. Nord is so much more!
Nord is a gender-specific, anatomically sculpted undergarment, designed to keep you warm and dry in the most
demanding environments.
Whether you need a 200g (Nord) or a 300g (Nord X), breathable and water-resistant undergarment, Nord will
do the work. It has pre-compressed padding in environmentally friendly DuPont Sorona padding with a quilted
lining. The material has a 4-way stretch for great movability plus gusseted crotch and armpits making valve drills
a walk in the park. Cordura reinforced knees & elbows, zippered hip pockets lined with a soft fleece and a chest
pocket for smaller items.
All pockets are equipped with easy-grip zip-pullers. The back has an elastic waistband to give you a snug fit.
Arms are equipped with neoprene wrist cuffs to keeps you warm and dry if the unexpected should happen, a
vented shoulder panel, the lower legs have a more snug-fit shape, the low-profile neck collar is made of a soft
fleece material with a Velcro closing. The male version is equipped with a longer two-way zipper for easier
access. Preinstalled outlets for P-valve hose on both sides.

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