No Gravity Mammoth
No Gravity Mammoth
No Gravity Mammoth Vams FUE
No Gravity Mammoth
No Gravity Mammoth
No Gravity Mammoth Vams FUE

No Gravity Mammoth Vams

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Mammoth undersuit – No Gravity top model

While designing Mammoth we took as a target to create the most breathable undersuit on the market. As a first layer, having direct contact with the skin, we chose Polartec® Power Dry®. Its task is to transport moisture from the skin and being the first thermal layer. As the main heat insulation we applied Climashield® Apex® . This material is recommended by Climashield ® for use in extreme sports as one of the best heat insulation available in the world. This material in addition to the better thermal properties than the similar materials of other manufacturers, has much greater durability and resistance to mechanical damage, so our undersuit will be much more durable than the products of other manufacturers. The last outer layer is the latest innovation in fabrics that protect against the weather - Polartec Neo Shell®. This is the first material combining excellent breathability, ventilation and stretch like in soft shell with water resistance. It colombin protection against wet weather and unprecedented breathability thanks to the dynamic air exchange.

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